Computer Recommendations

Computers are an essential tool for an Engineering and Computer Science education, just as they are in the workplace. They are used extensively for studying course materials, programming, modeling and design, as well as for writing papers and assignments. Course resources are often distributed through websites and assignments are often submitted electronically.

Recommended Laptop Specifications for 2023/24

Engineering and Science applications need plenty of memory, graphics horsepower, and an appropriately large screen size that is still light enough to comfortably carry around campus daily. Recommended minimum specifications:

  • 12th Generation Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5000 Series processor
  • Dedicated graphics processor
  • 512 GB or larger SSD disk drive
  • 16GB or more RAM
  • A 13” or larger screen

Note: While a Chrome Book, Ipad, or Microsoft Surface may function for note taking or web reference, these devices will not be able to run the software some courses require. Most specialized course software is available in the computing labs. Information on the computing labs including room schedules, computer availability, hardware specifications, and installed software is available online here.

Recommended Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows 11
    • Note: Some courses require running software that is only available for the Windows platform. Most of these software packages are also available in the Engineering and Computer Science computing labs.

      Recommended Software