Engineering File Storage

When you login to a Faculty of Engineering system, you will be able to read and write to files in your Engineering Home Directory. This directory is common across all undergraduate lab systems in the ELW building.

While consumer grade disk space is relatively inexpensive, enterprise storage requirements do have significant costs. As such, all home directories have a disk quota associated with them.

Home directories are regularly backed up, with smaller files being backed up more frequently than larger files. For more details, please see Engineering Backups

How much space do I get?

  • Engineering Home Directory - 10Gb for students, 20Gb for faculty and staff
  • Computer Science Home Directory - 2Gb
  • UVic NetDrive - 5Gb for students, 20Gb for faculty and staff

How do I find out how much space my files are using?

Check your quota by logging into a unix shell server. Directions for this are located here

Check your quota

  • quota -v

What files are using up space in my home directory?

  • How much space is used within the current directory (and all its subdirectories) in kilobytes. du -k
  • Sorts the list in ascending numerical order. du -k | sort -n
  • Show a listing of files in the current directory and sort them in ascending order based upon size. ls -l | sort +4n

How do I access my files in the Enginering buildings?

Engineering Windows drop in labs in ELW ( A317, A321, A359, B215, B220, B228, B326, B328 ) have the following mounted drives and Desktop folder redirection.

  • Engineering home directory is available as drive M:
  • UVic NetDrive ( is available as drive R:

Engineering Linux drop in labs in ELW (B326 and sometimes B203) use encrypted NFSv4 to mount the Engineering users home directory.

  • Home directory mounted on /home/username.

Windows drop in labs in the ECS building (249, 242, 250, 258, 266, 342, 348, 354, 366) are managed by Computer Science. These computers do not participate in the UVic NetLink ecosystem.

  • Computer Science home directory is available as drive H:

The Linux labs (242 and 360) in the ECS building NFS mount the CS home directory as /home/username.

Note that ECS 242 supports booting multiple operating systems through the CS ‘FlexiLab’ system.

How do I remotely access my files?

You can access your Engineering home directory on your own device from UVic wireless or through the Engineering VPN.

  • \\

You can also remotely access your files through SSH/SFTP.