Engineering Account Overview

Engineering accounts are based on UVic NetLink accounts with additional information and resources associated with them.

Engineering accounts are automatically provisioned based upon having a role with the faculty. Examples of these roles are:

  • a student enrolled in a course offerred by the Faculty of Engineering
  • an instructor for a course offerred by the Faculty of Engineering
  • a faculty or staff member in the Faculty of Engineering
  • a researcher working for a faculty member in the Faculty of Engineering
Similarly, when these roles are removed from the account, the Engineering resources that were previously provisioned are automatically deprovisioned.

Students and Instructors associations are obtained from a university data feed over night, so changes to these should be reflected in the engineering accounts the next day. Other associations are added added manually and are generally reflected in the account in 15 minutes. Some aspects of the account provisioning may take a little longer depending upon other factors. For example, home directories are created once an hour and require attributes from the NetLink side of the account that may not appear for a day on newly created netlink accounts.

If a high priority account change needs to be expedited, please contact the faculty deans office identity management team.

The faculty also provides delegated management for role owners to manage engineering user accociations for the specific roles that they are owners of. For example:

  • a student group supervisor can manage the student group executive and membership
  • a student group executive can manages the student group membership
  • a faculty member can manage researchers associated with them
  • department IT staff can manage department roles.
  • Current members of the UVic community should have netlink accounts that can be used as a basis for the Engineering accounts. Visitors (researchers, students, etc) and former students who's accounts have been deactivated can be sponsored by faculty members to obtain/update a netlink account via the Affiliate Identity Management System. When the account has been created/activated, the department IT staff, by request of the faculty member, can add an engineering role to the account.